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Support Our Community

A Generous Contribution Goes a Long Way

Thank you for your interest in donating to Chabad Bentleigh. We are forever grateful for your generous contributions which allow us to provide support to the community. We have been an integral part of the community for a number of years and have our donors to thank for that. Want to take an active role in shaping the Jewish community?

Donate and make a difference.

Please write where your donation is going to in the notes (eg. Aliya, Kiddush, Chai Club, Memorial Board)

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Other ways to give

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Bank Transfer

Beis Menachem

Community Centre​

033-034    366204

Building Fund

*tax deductible

Your donation will go towards building maintenance and our new building

033-115    203933

Chai Club

Join the growing number of community members who have committed to monthly giving, ensuring a stable foundation for the work of Chabad Bentleigh!

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